SEO Statregy 2014

The world of digital marketing and SEO strategy is always changing and 2013 was an eventful year. In 2013 there were many articles written about the death of SEO. Was 2013 the year that SEO died?

The short answer is no, SEO isn’t dead, it’s just evolving.

The reality is that as Google updates its algorithms to weed out fraud and make search results more relevant to users. As a result, some less credible SEO tactics that used to work will fail in the future, and digital marketers along with successful SEO experts will need to continue to focus on new, innovative ways to rocket up the rankings.Hummingbird still uses Panda and Penguin, as well as other “old parts” from the previous search algorithm, but it’s an entirely new system. Google as a car, where Hummingbird is the brand new engine in that car (which will still have a lot of similar components from the old engine) is a great way of thinking about this change. Many of the pieces are still the same but the technology has been updated for a modern search world. With my experience in SEO,I pointed out some Important staregy which is going top play crucial role in online marketing.

1)   Increase the details of article and Product-level content:

  • As Google is more intended toward intent and meaning behind search phrases, a high level of detail in content is needed.
  • Especially for pages targeted toward longer-tail term-opens increased opportunities to rank for a wider range of terms.
  • To provide Google with content that can be matched s wider ranges of search phrases

2)    Expand Content…

  • Developing deeper catalogs of meaningful content that can put a brand to be answer of wide range of query.
  • Integrating user generated content i.e whether adding reviews to pages or allowing wider posting by visitors, which can not only help to enhance the reach of current pages but more quickly expand content catalog-while keeping content fresh.

3)    Include markup on pages and templates

  • Hummingbird comes on the heels of Google’s efforts to encourage sites to include semantic mark up-specifically mark up in content to identify data more thoroughly and create connections to wider concept.
  • We should use semantic markup to our sites or make use of Google webmaster tool “data highlighter” as a temporary alternative. unless we will be steps behind those who are and gap will growing fast.

4)    Post content as answers to questions

  • Long tail queries and question based informational searches makes a tremendous amount of search volume collectively.
  • While many brands focus on searches that are tied to direct response, answering question that shopper and audience asking-even those who tangentially related to what you ultimately want them to consider buying-can act as huge draw for visitor and exposure
  • In brief we need to develop content related to query-based search, long-tail concepts, and wider content base that looks beyond immediate direct response.

5)    Optimize for mobile user.

  • In addition to supporting semantic search, the ability to better parse voice commands and questions should add further attention to optimizing your site for mobile search (via Google’s recommended base platform for responsive design website) and to developing content that can attract and enable mobile-specific searchers(who tend to use phrases that are more localized in nature).

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