SEO Statregy 2014

The world of digital marketing and SEO strategy is always changing and 2013 was an eventful year. In 2013 there were many articles written about the death of SEO. Was 2013 the year that SEO died?

The short answer is no, SEO isn’t dead, it’s just evolving.

The reality is that as Google updates its algorithms to weed out fraud and make search results more relevant to users. As a result, some less credible SEO tactics that used to work will fail in the future, and digital marketers along with successful SEO experts will need to continue to focus on new, innovative ways to rocket up the rankings.Hummingbird still uses Panda and Penguin, as well as other “old parts” from the previous search algorithm, but it’s an entirely new system. Google as a car, where Hummingbird is the brand new engine in that car (which will still have a lot of similar components from the old engine) is a great way of thinking about this change. Many of the pieces are still the same but the technology has been updated for a modern search world. With my experience in SEO,I pointed out some Important staregy which is going top play crucial role in online marketing.

1)   Increase the details of article and Product-level content:

  • As Google is more intended toward intent and meaning behind search phrases, a high level of detail in content is needed.
  • Especially for pages targeted toward longer-tail term-opens increased opportunities to rank for a wider range of terms.
  • To provide Google with content that can be matched s wider ranges of search phrases

2)    Expand Content…

  • Developing deeper catalogs of meaningful content that can put a brand to be answer of wide range of query.
  • Integrating user generated content i.e whether adding reviews to pages or allowing wider posting by visitors, which can not only help to enhance the reach of current pages but more quickly expand content catalog-while keeping content fresh.

3)    Include markup on pages and templates

  • Hummingbird comes on the heels of Google’s efforts to encourage sites to include semantic mark up-specifically mark up in content to identify data more thoroughly and create connections to wider concept.
  • We should use semantic markup to our sites or make use of Google webmaster tool “data highlighter” as a temporary alternative. unless we will be steps behind those who are and gap will growing fast.

4)    Post content as answers to questions

  • Long tail queries and question based informational searches makes a tremendous amount of search volume collectively.
  • While many brands focus on searches that are tied to direct response, answering question that shopper and audience asking-even those who tangentially related to what you ultimately want them to consider buying-can act as huge draw for visitor and exposure
  • In brief we need to develop content related to query-based search, long-tail concepts, and wider content base that looks beyond immediate direct response.

5)    Optimize for mobile user.

  • In addition to supporting semantic search, the ability to better parse voice commands and questions should add further attention to optimizing your site for mobile search (via Google’s recommended base platform for responsive design website) and to developing content that can attract and enable mobile-specific searchers(who tend to use phrases that are more localized in nature).

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IPhone Application Development Los Angeles

IPhone Application Development Los Angeles

Web development company Los Angeles

Fortune Innovations, offers web design in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Ecommerce Magento, Mobile app development for Android, iPhone and GDS Reservation system with SEO features.

iPhone Apps Development Los Angeles

Fortune Innovation is a professional organization offering its services in iPhone application development in Los Angeles, U.S.A and across the globe. We offer services like customized iPhone app design and development to our customers. Our expert team of iPhone app developers is highly experienced in creating broad variety of iPhone applications which are highly interactive and offers great user experience.

We have in-depth knowledge in building iPhone app and moreover our professional team of iPhone app developers can assist you to make custom iPhone app development, iPhone game development and iPhone web development services. Fortune Innovations provide professional expertise in applying the understanding of the latest iPhone SDK 4.0, which could create revelations while enhancing the functionality of your iPhone 4S, 5S. We are capable of developing applications like finance, games, commerce, travel, health, entertainment, climate, reports and other industry verticals.

As a leading software development company in providing iPhone development services across the world, we have dedicated team of iPhone app developer and programmers who can build any kind of iPhone apps according to your unique requirement. We also offer the services of our designers and developer for hiring on a need basis for our customers, which can help them to reduce their overall project cost. Fortune Innovations iPhone development team is proficient in making the iPhone application for many business areas. We have expertise in building iPhone applications for shopping, entertainment, social networking, and news and travel. One the major area where iPhone are being used is for gaming. iPhone users are spending a large amount of time in playing games on their iPhone. Our iPhone development team is also capable of developing different types of games applications for our client’s web portals.

Fortune Innovations always follow the latest innovations in the iPhone apps development market. Being a market leader in providing iPhone solutions, we keep our knowledge and skills updated which helps us deliver innovative and creative applications in different business solution domains. Fortune Innovations offer our services in the following iPhone apps development areas:

  • iPhone app development
  • Business & sales application
  • iPhone games development
  • iPhone widget development
  • Theme, mock, icon, designing
  • iPhone web service integration
  • iPhone mobile website development
  • iPhone social networking
  • iPhone m-commerce solution
  • Travelling, navigation, games, business and weather forecasting apps

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Android Application Development Los Angeles

Android Application Development Los Angeles

Web development company Los Angeles

Fortune Innovations, offers web design in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Ecommerce Magento, Mobile app development for Android, iPhone and GDS Reservation system with SEO features.

Android Apps Development Los Angeles

Android is recognized as one of the powerful open source operating system for smart phones. Fortune Innovations has a team of world class designers and programmers to develop Android based applications. Our expert technical team is capable of developing application ranging from enterprise apps to gaming apps. With unbelievable capability, domain proficiency and design expertise dedicated for Android software development, we are amongst top Android app Development Company providing its services in Los Angeles, U.S.A and around the world.

The use of Android-based smart phones is increasing, by millions and millions every year. The Android mobile phone market is always growing at a rapid pace, with new devices being released all the time. Fortune Innovations offer a wide-ranging range of Android application development service that varies from simple Android games to complex enterprise level Android applications. Our team of Android developers has immense experience in Android application development and has been working on Android development since past several years.

Fortune Innovations offer customization in Android application development, Android social networking app development, wireless application development, game development, web development and other custom Google Android app development. We enhance the existing functionalities of our clients Android devices in various domains like sports, travel, finance, health, multimedia, entertainment, games, weather, news, business etc. We provide services of our Android developer for hire endeavors to perform the best approach in the industry and cater high-tech Android based services to our clients.

Advantages of Android Platform

  • GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EV-DO and UMTS technologies to send/receive data across mobile networks.
  • Comprehensive libraries for 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Wide range of libraries for image, audio and video files.
  • Features of video camera, touch screen, GPS, accelerometer and magnetometer
  • Inter process communication (IPC) message passing
  • P2P using Google Talk
  • SQLite for data storage
  • Export and signing app for publishing

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Mobile Application Development Los Angeles

Mobile Application Development Los Angeles

Mobile Application Development Los Angeles

Fortune Innovations, offers web design in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Ecommerce Magento, Mobile app development for Android, iPhone and GDS Reservation system with SEO features.

Mobile Application Development Company

Fortune Innovations offers creative and realistic mobile applications tailored to the customer’s unique requirement in an effective manner. As a leading mobile application development company offering services in Los Angeles, U.S.A and around the world Fortunes Innovations makes it possible to get mobile application development for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian and Android mobiles. Irrespective of the platforms, we offer our expertise in providing excellent solutions to our client’s requirements.

With Mobile technologies captivating the core juncture in today’s world, enterprises are eager to make momentous progressions in the mobile world. As mobile technology lets the users to be connected all the time and organizations are moving beyond the desktop world to keep up to their user’s requirements. We offer development of mobile applications that help organizations to be in touch with their clientele through custom mobile devices. Leveraging on our industry experience and technical knowledge Fortune Innovations designs and develops mobile applications that are customer-friendly and facilitate simple and speedy data processing. We have developed and customized many iPhone based mobile application, Java based mobile application, Android based mobile application and Windows based mobile application solutions.

Our Mobile Apps Development Services

  • Mobile Website Development
  • iPhone and iPad App Development
  • BlackBerry App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Windows Mobile App Development
  • Symbian App Development
  • J2ME Application Development
  • Mobile APP Marketing
  • iPhone Web Apps
  • HTML 5 Development

Advantages of Mobile Technology

  • Easy availability and access
  • Real time integration with dedicated automated devices
  • GPS systems
  • SMSC gateways integration
  • Compatibility and integration with the existent information systems
  • Connectivity with GPRS and other locations based services
  • User friendly features, picture supporting facilities, videos, sounds etc

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Digital Marketing Company Los Angeles

Digital Marketing Company Los Angeles

Web development company Los Angeles

Fortune Innovations, offers web design in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Ecommerce Magento, Mobile app development for Android, iPhone and GDS Reservation system with SEO features.


SEO Company Los Angeles

What is SEO?

SEO has always been perceived as the skill of efficient procedure of Meta tags positioning of keywords physically in body text, and careful analysis of keywords compactness using major SEO software tools and techniques. But natural SEO and search engine rankings are driven by natural instincts of a top SEO specialist who not only has the right SEO strategy and information on search engine algorithms, but also has a natural sense of organic SEO.

SEO is the art that analyzes search engine algorithms and user behavior to get your website top rankings on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Fortune Innovations is a top SEO company offering unmatched SEO services in Los Angeles, U.S.A and across the world at an affordable cost. We have attained the art of SEO through years of experience and are capable of meeting of our client’s internet marketing and SEO objectives in the shortest likely time frame at the finest rates. Our SEO services coalesce the top website optimization policies and link building to achieve highest search engine rankings helping companies to rank on the top. We start our process with a detailed search analysis of each websites proper keywords, Meta tags, content writing, page loading speed, code cleaning and many more. After that we check the link compactness and start structuring the back links. Our search engine marketing process is more than just setting up Meta data and submitting to directories. Increasing the number and quality back links to your sites pages is critical to rank higher.

We develop a link building and website optimization plan that will last for longer period of time. Our website services have an excellent record of increasing website rankings naturally. Our link building process is done using many differences of the keywords, giving our client web site the perfect balance and natural look for incoming links. This also increases link popularity in search engines.

Our SEO Services

Fortune Innovations offer SEO services to all kinds of organization large, medium or small business enterprises. The following list shows our SEO service offering capability:

  • Top 10 rankings
  • Mobile SEO
  • Application SEO
  • Hire SEO specialist
  • Cost effective search engines friendly web site design
  • Low cost SEO solution like Pay Per Click campaign management
  • Deep link submission and directory submission
  • Google analytics integration
  • Google base Submission
  • Google Indexing
  • Google Site Map – Development and Hosting

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Facebook Development Company Los Angeles

Facebook Development Company Los Angeles

Web development company Los Angeles

Fortune Innovations, offers web design in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Ecommerce Magento, Mobile app development for Android, iPhone and GDS Reservation system with SEO features.


Facebook Application Development

Facebook is currently the leading social networking site and it’s still growing at an incredible rate, adding millions of new users every month. The quick rise of Facebook has opened up the network which allows developers to create applications that the Facebook users can use by installing it on their profiles to add additional functionality. Fortune Innovations gives our clients an incredible authority through social media marketing. This will help our client organization to progress in their public relations, releasing the latest product, news, making declarations and announcements etc. Fortune Innovations understands that the social media is an important tool for your business promotion. Fortune Innovations have a strong team of Facebook developers who are confident of their skills and are capable of developing various Facebook applications exclusively for our client’s targeted customers.

Fortune Innovations is one of the best Facebook application development company in the Los Angeles, U.S.A and the regions that we operate around the world. Our highly skilled Facebook application developers are familiar with their job and can develop attractive Facebook applications such as viral marketing applications, Facebook games, surveys and gifting applications. Fortune Innovations is also successfully providing reasonable offshore Facebook application development services to many of our clients located in different geographical areas of world. Fortune Innovations custom made easy to use and unique applications are designed by the creative mix of our professionals’ expertise and experienced personnel who assist you with distinctive and sensationally visualized designs for our Facebook applications. We efficiently reduce the pathway in escalating website traffic and helps targeting the significant audience. Our Facebook application will free the visitor from all the disturbing elements of processing long marketing plans to promote their interest within ease of navigation. We provide you access Facebook with simple login via your Facebook credentials. Our Facebook application developers help our clients in getting their websites promoted through Facebook, therefore drawing additional traffic and conversions. Fortune Innovations delivers the following Facebook applications development services to our customers:

  • Strategies for viral marketing
  • Facebook application designing and development
  • Facebook Connect (FB Connect) integration
  • Facebook apps for mobiles
  • Social game development / Facebook game development
  • Visually engaging and out of box Facebook apps
  • User friendly and stunning designs for Facebook apps
  • Commercially and socially focused on brand’s guidelines
  • Matchless and attractive designing of your Facebook application
  • Facebook application listing in Facebook application directory
  • Tracking your application

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Travel Agency Web Development Los Angeles

Travel Agency Web Development Los Angeles

Web development company Los Angeles

Fortune Innovations, offers web design in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Ecommerce Magento, Mobile app development for Android, iPhone and GDS Reservation system with SEO features.


Online Reservation System Los Angeles

Airline IBE-GDS Integration

The Global Distribution System was primarily developed for travel agents worldwide to keep track of different flight schedules, availabilities and fares.  But the use of GDS has immensely grown to other different areas in the past few years. GDS is now not only used for airline ticket reservation but also to provide travelers complete packages such as travel & tours, hotels bookings, car hire etc. Fortune Innovations specializes ourselves in travel agencies portal and travel agencies website development service. We offer exceptional GDS integration services to a variety of web applications to wide range of customers in Los Angeles and around the world.

Fortune Innovations have designed and developed many different Internet Booking Engine (IBE) and integrated them with various Global Distribution System’s for a large number of airline companies in the past. Depending on the business requirements of our clients, we offers effective and efficient IBE’s development and GDS integrations services to cater to the changing needs of the customers. Fortune Innovations presents cost effective IBE development and GDS integration services using the latest cutting-edge technologies to our clients. With our extreme knowledge of the air travel industry and processes, we are highly capable of providing effective and customized development and integration services of any complexity to our clients. We also offer complete Online Travel Agency (OTA) Solutions to our clients which includes CMS website/ Online Travel Portal development services, designing services, IBE development and GDS integration services, SEO and SEM services etc. Some of the popular GDS which we have integrated on various web applications are as follows:

  • Amadeus
  • Navitaire
  • Sabre
  • Galileo
  • Multicom
  • TravelFusion
  • Abacus

Benefits of using the Global Distribution System

  • Easy to integrate connectivity
  • Round the clock availability of booking services
  • Expands your market reach
  • Enlarges your distribution network
  • Increased online sales
  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Connects to diverse platforms and data sources

Ecommerce Magento Development Los Angeles

Ecommerce Magento Development Los Angeles

Web development company Los Angeles

Fortune Innovations, offers web design in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Ecommerce Magento, Mobile app development for Android, iPhone and GDS Reservation system with SEO features.

Magento Development company Los Angeles

Magento is an open source professional ecommerce web application platform. Magento uses Zend PHP and MYSQL databases. Magento provides more flexibility through its modular structural design to its users. It is totally measurable and has a broad range of control options. Magento is very dominant and spontaneous when it comes to presenting products online. It allows the developers and designer to easily create products catalog and manages it.

Fortune Innovations provides ecommerce-Magento design and development services to our customers in various domains in Los Angeles, U.S.A and across the globe. Fortune Innovations offer various theming services to our clients using Magento. Our theming services comprised creating new themes, customizing, modifying and updating the existing themes etc. Magento also allows using many marketing promo tools – organizing price promotions, using coupon codes etc.

Magento’s insightful interface features like dominant marketing tools, catalog-management engine and SEO etc gives the power to create sites that provide a first class and rich online shopping experience for our client‘s distinctive business needs. Magento platform is one of the quickly rising ecommerce platforms in the market today. Magento is designed to be completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network. Magento ecommerce platforms offers rich features through which the users can gain total control over the presentations, contents, and functionalities in a cost effective manner. Magento comes with additional shopping cart features and is a highly rated ecommerce solution.

Magento features

Magento offers the following features to its users:

  • Marketing Promotions and Tools: Magento supports the integration of marketing and promotions tools like news letter management, polls, auto-generated site map etc
  • Analytics and Reporting: This feature provides admin dashboard for report overview, abandoned shopping cart report, integrated with Google Analytics, sales report, RSS feed for new orders, tax report
  • Site Management: Administration permission system roles and users, web services API for easy integration between one-click upgrades
  • Search Engine Optimization: Totally search engine friendly, Google site map, URL rewrites give full control of URL’s, meta-information for products and categories
  • Catalog Management: This provides the features like batch import and export of catalog, batch updates to products in admin panel, Google base integration, inventory management with backordered items
  • Catalog Browsing: This feature allows layered / faceted navigation for filtering of products in categories, recently viewed products, private sales including events, invitations, category access permission, category view and purchase permissions per on customer group etc which allows customers to find the product right for them
  • Mobile Commerce: Magento has the inbuilt feature called M-Commerce, optimized theme etc for offering mobile optimized versions of online stores
  • Payment: This feature supports multiple payment options, payment extensions available through Magento connect, configurable authorization and capturing of funds etc
  • Order Management: This attribute allows viewing, editing, creating and fulfilling orders from admin panel, creating one or multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos per order to allow for split fulfillment etc.


WordPress Development Company Los Angeles

WordPress Development Company Los Angeles

Web development company Los Angeles

Fortune Innovations, offers web design in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Ecommerce Magento, Mobile app development for Android, iPhone and GDS Reservation system with SEO features.


WordPress Development Los Angeles

WordPress is the trendiest PHP and MYSQL based open source CMS platform. WordPress is one of the best easy to use CMS which has robust architecture flexible enough to customize. It is the only popularly know web applications which permit users to control blogging and manage blog with websites. Fortune Innovations provides design and development services using WordPress to our clients in Los Angeles, U.S.A and around the world. Fortune Innovations expert team of WordPress programmer can effortlessly customize the outlook of your website.

Fortune Innovations provides development services of completely customized blogs and blog-powered websites, taking the full advantages of WordPress platform. We provide excellent and reliable WordPress based blog applications to make our corporate or personal client’s thoughts published online. Our skilled WordPress designers and developer ensures high quality results in shortest time span at a very low cost. We recognize our client’s needs first and then adopt a suitable approach. We also provide remote resources to our customers for hiring to fulfill and perform their ongoing project demands.



Advantages of using WordPress

  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Easy to maintain
  • Takes less time to develop
  • Easy edition of themes
  • Administrative panel to manage
  • Free support
  • Faster implementation

We Offer

Fortune Innovations offer the following WordPress solutions and development services to our clients:

  • Custom blog design
  • WordPress installation and configuration
  • WordPress blog customization
  • WordPress data migration from other platforms
  • WordPress themes and templates development
  • WordPress CMS sites using WordPress framework
  • WordPress multi user and corporate blogging
  • WordPress social networking
  • WordPress theme designing
  • WordPress theme/template customization
  • WordPress CMS development
  • WordPress theme/template integration
  • WordPress implementation
  • Complete website maintenance

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Joomla Development Company Los Angeles

Joomla Development Company Los Angeles

Web development company Los Angeles

Fortune Innovations, offers web design in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Ecommerce Magento, Mobile app development for Android, iPhone and GDS Reservation system with SEO features.

Joomla development Los Angeles

Joomla, Open Source Content Management System is being widely used for the development of CMS based web applications. It provides number of different Open Source modules and plug-ins which can be easily plugged with applications. Joomla is the most popular and widely used open source PHP and MYSQL based CMS platform. It has a database driven site engine, with fully customizable layouts and sections. Fortune Innovations offers various Joomla based website and web application development services for our clients in Los Angeles, U.S.A. We provide various offshore software consulting and development services to our client based in U.S.A and world markets.

Fortune Innovations has vast experience in various Joomla based template development and theming services. We are one of the leading development firms, which provide Joomla web development, Joomla extensions and modules development, Joomla template development Joomla theming services and solutions at the most affordable and competitive price in the market.

Why Joomla

  • It is simple easy to add, edit or delete from the websites with ease
  • It supports multiple languages and SEO friendly
  • Database driven with user friendly backend administration
  • We can easily create dynamic forms and integrate forums, chat, blog and newsletter
  • Lots of readymade extensions available
  • Open source
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily upgradable

    Joomla provides features like:

  • archive manager to store articles for future reference
  • News feed manager
  • Random news flash generator
  • Remote author submission module for news

Joomla Development Service

Fortune Innovations offer the following Joomla applications development service:

  • Web 2.0 Joomla application development
  • Ecommerce application development
  • Web portal development
  • Joomla theme integration
  • Joomla extension integration
  • Joomla extension development & customization
  • Joomla theme development from design
  • Intranet application development
  • Converting the existing site to Joomla
  • Integration of third party software’s
  • Payment gateway integration

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